Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June #paperhaul


This is the June edition of #paperhaul

#paperhaul is a monthly subscription service brought to you from Crafty Creatives, each month features a selection of paper goods to get you feeling inspired! 

the boxes contain a mix of stickers, greetings cards, postcards, washi tape and other awesome goodies, and costs just £10 per month!

here's my #paperhaul box - June 2015

as soon as you open the box it screams summer and pastel colours! 

as always, there is a roll of washi tape in this box, this time a pastel pink stripe design, I love washi tape, and I find it so versatile, I use it on everything from lists in my sketchbooks to jazzing up a package!

three ice cream themed mini gift tags, these have a lovely glossy finish and the designs are all bright and graphic, these are perfect for attaching to birthday gifts, especially around this time of year!

these are really something special, three mini notecards with white envelopes, they each have a lovely watercolour style image on the front, two ice creams and an ice lolly, they are all on textured watercolour style card

two rectangular glossy stickers, now honestly, these are never my favourite part of the box, but these are cute, I just dislike the rigid shape of them

three graphic postcards! 

the first postcard is printed on a slightly textured matte card stock, the colours used in this are muted and the lettering is very fashionable at the moment

the second postcard is lime green in colour, a glossy finish this time, and the illustration is all in pink, with the words "it's a summer thing", the contrast between the two colours make a very interesting image.

the third postcard is a semi-matte finish, full block colour of dark chocolate brown, with a white graphic image of an ice cream lolly to the right hand side, this one is simple but sophisticated.

double sided craft papers! the one on the left in this image is my favourite, with pastel colours featuring lots of different ice creams and desserts! the paper on the right is a bold, simple print with bright colours and a repeat design.

the reverse side of the papers are very similar, the one on the left of the image is a simple blue line illustrative print on a cream background, featuring different ice creams, desserts and sundaes. the paper on the right is a pale teal colour, featuring a very similar illustration, with all-white linework.

this is a set of gloss finish square stickers, I really wish these had been round stickers, I always prefer round shaped stickers instead of square or rectangular. 

and finally, two square cards, perfect for any occasion, this one is a bold graphic design featuring a plain blue background and an ice cream lolly

the second card, is lots of different colourful ice creams and desserts printed onto a plain background. this is the same illustration as the craft papers too.

overall, I really liked this box, I think I will use these items much more than previous months, the colour scheme is really appealing to me, and I think most of the items will be used! 
thanks for reading, come back next month for the July edition! 

this post is in no way sponsored or endorsed by/for Crafty Creatives or Paperhaul, all opinions in this post are my own

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