Friday, April 17, 2015

April #paperhaul


This post is about #paperhaul which is a monthly subscription service for creative people. #paperhaul is from Crafty Creatives, and they have three different types of subscription box.

the paperhaul box contains a mix of paper, stickers, washi tape and other goodies, it costs £10 per month.

here's my first months box - April 2015

as you can tell from the above image, this months box has a balloon theme, which I think is simply adorable! the box is packed full of amazing products!

two square cards with envelopes, perfect for any occasion, or if you forget someones birthday (as i often do!)

double sided craft papers, these are great if you use scrapbooks, or make your own cards, they can be scanned in and used digitally too, which is how I like to use them!

three gorgeous brown paper gift tags, the detail on these is stunning.

three mini notecards with brown paper envelopes, these are really nice to send to friends, especially if they aren't really a greetings card type of person

two gloss finish prints and one matte textured, I love these, they'll be going up in my studio

a sticker sheet with pastel heart balloons, you'll be seeing these on my packaging when you order something

washi tape with multi-coloured dots on, this is perfect for packaging all year round, as much as I love seasonal products, I love things I can use for any occasion too

two matte stickers, one featuring a girl, the other featuring a boy, both with moustache-clad balloons.

So, overall I think the box is fantastic, I definitely think you get your moneys worth, especially since some of the products such as the craft paper can be reused, and there is a lot of washi tape on that roll! I loved that the box was balloon themed, very fitting for the Springtime too. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing my goodies from the #paperhaul box, and watch out for a post next month!

Helz Illustrates!

*this post is not sponsored or affiliated with Crafty Creatives or #paperhaul in any way, all photos and opinions are my own*

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